One answer is to look for alternatives to pills, taking the patients seriously. According to the Mental Health Foundation, only 42% of people visiting their doctor for depression were offered counselling, though twice that proportion would have been willing to tryit; more than half of doctors think a talking cure works best for moderate depression, yet more than three-quarters prescribe antidepressants instead.

They don't have the resources. It takes just a couple of minutes to write out a prescription, and the patient leaves the surgery satisfied. It would take
much longer to engage in a real exploration of what is causing the patient's symptoms and to discuss ways of dealing with the root of the problem.

That shouldn't stop us trying. In a thoroughly sensible and useful intervention, the new Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, is now calling for the health
service to guarantee that nobody waits longer than 13 weeks for their first treatment when they report mental illness, with much more money for psychological
therapies. this, say Clegg, would help grapple with our“prozac nation”atatus. He is absolutely right, and other studies on wellbeing show it. I would be
very surprised if the government's new cabinet committee on well-being, chaired by Ed Miliband, doesn't grapple with the same failure.

Yet even this is about hou to deal with the symptoms of social stress, not the cause. The wellbeing agenda is about higher employment rates, better
education, less social exclusion, more support for carers and getting people off benefits. It is also about time━giving people time to see their families,
to have a social life and to take part in order activities than just work.


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奇妙なことです。 より裕福になるにつれて、将来に関して、我々はより自信がなく、楽観的でもなくなりました。我々の増加した物質的競争力は、我々をより幸せにはしませんでした。私たちの狂ったような活動は私たちをストレスまみれにしています。 自由市場理論家が、民営化によって、私たちが、解放され幸福になるだろうと信じていた日々は遠くの世界の事の様に思えます。答えはかつての答えと同じです。有名なスローガンを改作するために、政府は、薬物常用に厳しく、薬物常用の原因にも厳しくする必要があります。プロザックは強力です。しかし、政治ほど強力ではないのですから。

*** 有名なスローガンとは、「プロザック国民」のことを言っているように思います。

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だからと言って、私たちは試みをやめるべきではありません。ちゃんとした思慮のある有益な介入として、新しい自由民主党のリーダー、ニック・クレッグは、現在、心理療法のための予算を増額することと引き換えに、患者が精神病をうったえるとき、だれも13週間以上、最初の治療を待たなくてすむことを公共医療が保証することを求めています。これは、我々の「プロザック国民」地位と取り組むのに助けとなる、と、クレッグは言っています。 彼の言うことは、正に正論です、そして、福祉に関する他の研究もそのことを示しています。私は、エド・ミリバンドが議長を務める福祉に関する政府の新しい内閣委員会が同じ失敗に取り組んで苦労しないならば、非常に驚くことでしょう。


<注> プロザック:イーライリリー社が1988年に米国で発売を開始したSSRI型の抗鬱剤。


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It's odd. As we have grown richer, we have become less confident and optimistic about the future. Our increased material competitiveness has not made us
happier. Our frenzied activity leaves us stressed. The days when free-market theorists belived we would be liberated and happy through privatisation seem a
world away.The answers are the same as they ever were. To adapt the famous slogan, the government needs to be tough on pill-popping, and tough on the causes
of pill-popping. Prozac is powerful.But it isn't as powerful as politics.

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