Finally my mother comes downstairs and my father, being at the moment engaged in conversation with my grandfather, is made uneasy by her entrance, for he does not know whether to greet my mother or to continue the conversation. He gets up from his chair clumsily and says "Hello" gruffly. My grandfather watches this, examining their congruence, such as it is, with a critical eye, and meanwhile rubbing his bearded cheek roughly, as he always does when he reasons. He is worried; he is afraid that my father will not make a good husband for his oldest daughter. At this point something happens to the film, just as my father says something funny to my mother: I am awakened to myself and my unhappiness just as my interest has become most intense. The audience begins to clap impatiently. Then the trouble is attended to, but the film has been returned to a portion just shown, and once more I see my grandfather rubbing his bearded cheek, pondering my father's character. It is difficult to get back into the picture once more and forget myself, but as my mother giggles at my father's words, the darkness drowns me.
My father and mother depart from the house, my father shaking hands with my grandfather once more, out of some unknown uneasiness. I stir uneasily also, slouched in the hard chair'of the theatre. Where is the older uncle, my mother's older brother? He is studying in his bedroom upstairs, studying for his final examinations at the College of the City of New York, having been dead of double pneumonia for the last twenty-one years. mother and father walk down the same quiet streets once more. My mot is holding my father's arm and telling him of the novel she has been read and my father utters judgments of the characters as the plot is made clea~ him. This is a habit which he very much enjoys, for he feels the utm superiority and confidence when he is approving or condemning the beh ior of other people. At times he feels moved to utter a brief "Ugh," whene the story becomes what he would call sugary. This tribute is the assertion his manliness. My mother feels satisfied by the interest she has awaken and she is showing my father how intelligent she is and how interesting.

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父は、漠然とした不安からまた祖父と握手を交し、母とともに家を出る。私はまた不安になって体を動かし、劇場の固い椅子にうずくまる。年上の伯父、つまり、母の兄はどこだ? 彼は、二階にある自分の寝室で、ニューヨーク市立大学の最終試験の勉強をしている。彼は、この21年間ずっと両側の肺炎で、死んだも同然なのだ。母と父は、またあの静かな通りを歩いて遠ざかっていく。


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父は、漠然とした不安から、また祖父と握手を交し、母とともに家を出る。私はまた不安になって動き、劇場のかたい椅子にうずくまる。年上の伯父、つまり、母の兄はどこだ? 彼は、二階にある自分の寝室で、ニューヨークの市立大学の最終試験の勉強をしている。彼は、この21年間ずっと、両側の肺炎で死んだも同然なのだ。母と父は、またまたあの静かな通りを歩いて遠ざかっていく。


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